Wednesday, March 17, 2021

All creatures on board the Godolphin Airline - Poem

We were glum and gloomy on the flight

As it was soaring over the big blue

Suddenly a flicker of light

Flitted by as we flew

Could we be witnessing a water-walloping whale?

Or perhaps a pair of playful porpoises?

Whatever they are, our memory will not turn stale

But it will grow as old as tortoises

I daresay it is a duo of delighted dolphins

More likely they are mammals than some UFO

These buoyant beings certainly brighten our cabins

And set our sullen spirits aglow

as cheerful as these creatures are

We still should tread oceans with care

although our plane is up so far

it still clogs their lungs with dirty air

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

DOLPHINS - Acrostic Poem

Dancing and prancing in delight

Outstanding mammals in its flight

Long lissom limbs fit for leaping

Pods speak through their clicks and beeping

High they leap up to the wide vault

Incredibly they shoot like bolts

Never once giving up or in

Silver skin shines from tail to fin

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Elf and Mime - Narrative Quintet Poem


Once upon a time,

in the deep dark woods.

Twas an elf and mime,

clothed in crimson hoods.

Their special mission,

was to rescue Belle.

Mime can use vision.

Well speech he can’t tell.

Down by the river,

over the rainbow

our heroes shiver

with quiver and bow.

Once they swam route,

slid down seven shades.

Their toil should bear fruit,

before their fame fades.

After this turmoil,

they taste more terror.

Their plans rot to soil,

on route to Bella.

A giant hollered,

down the rolling hill.

Though not so scholared,

he sure wills to kill.

The elf and the mime,

slipped from the giant’s hands,

in the nick of time

to cruise desert sands.

Billowing through the sand,

mime showed signs of cheer.

The elf whooped “how grand

Our dear Belle is near!”

Swooping down below,

and what did they find?

A sad sight oh no!

Who could be unkind?

Belle was roughly tied

To a cactus tree.

She twisted and tried,

in vain to break free.

The mime madly waved.

The elf sadly cried.

Oh, freedom Belle craved,

she could not be fried.

Elf shot an arrow,

to slice through tough jute.

The rope was shallow,

elf’s efforts bore fruit.

Belle galloped with joy,

neighed with force, till hoarse.

Belle nuzzles both boys,

she’s a horse of course.

Belle rode elf and mime,

to the deep dark wood.

These partners in crime,

saved Belle as they should.

The trio reached home,

before setting sun.

They set sail to Rome,

with doubloons they won.

Easter Egg Poem - Concrete Poem