Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Macabre Murder of George Floyd - Villanelle

This murder happened on 25th of May

When four policemen throttled poor George Floyd

This blue summer’s day suddenly clouded grey


I do not want those men trapped in a cell

I want their hearts humbled and their heads bowed low

To serve Floyd’s family till most is well


The victims’ necessities might well be fed

Once the policemen heal their hurt feelings

They may even stop smashing innocent heads


I saw stories fill paper sheets and screens

Though Floyd's family may rather seek silence

Media salaciously spill the beans (as usual)


I learnt that society is a contract

Which is only as weighty as our ways

We must all preach AND act to preserve our pact


If police want their integrities intact

They should adhere to our pact and contract

To truly ignite inspiring impact

I will try to act NOT with terror but tact

In case anyone is wondering, it was Trevor Noah's video on the Minneapolis Protests which inspired some of this poem's lines. Below is the video link:


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Midnight Garden - Description

The air was silent. The magnificent midnight sky was scattered with silver stars, shining like diamonds. This formal garden is clothed in voluptuous, verdant, and voluminous vegetation. Towering trees and bountiful bushes were adorned with juicy, jewel-like fruits and fresh, fragrant flowers. There was a grand marble fountain, situated in the centre of the garden. Any creature could marvel for hours at the austere majesty of the night here. Near the corner was a lagoon, which looked luminous in the silvery moonlight. Speckled frogs were leaping on its jade green lily pads and pearl white lotus flowers.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

MOUNTAINS - Acrostic Poem

Myriads of ripping rainbow tones

Orbit playfully around snow cones

Umbrage and rage can never stealth near

Never, as long as Buddha dwells here

Togas dance in the billowing breeze

And up here he meditates with ease

Ice cold snowflakes race with the wind's pace

Nirvana ablaze on Buddha's face

Smiling while the fresh frost is piling

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Niagara Falls – Curtal Sonnet

I travelled here to witness this waterfall.   

I heard this area was a beauty.                     

The water gleamed aquamarine and green.   

Wow, I saw clouds pour, building a wonder wall.    

I felt a soaring sense of tranquillity,   

as I marvelled at the moving marbled sheen.    

Torrents tumble thunderously at their worst.    

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly pristine scene.      

Climate change is the fall's core calamity.    

With constant corruption the fall’s bank could burst.     

Falls may no more be seen.



Thursday, September 3, 2020

A Sunny Afternoon on my Garden Veranda - Poem

I heard the bumble bees buzzing and the breeze blowing

As I relaxed outside on the veranda

I felt uplifted by the lovely lawn mowing

And the sun-bright sky suppressing sedative melatonin from my pineal gland

My sensory receptors turned natural senses into neural signals

Elevating my alertness, helping me understand

How to sit and savour the sunshine, ignoring electronic signals

I did not stress about the Corona Virus hitting my sinus

Or whether the stern sunlight will bring me sunburn

Or even about what subject is left to learn

I lazily lay and watched the flowers sway

I felt too hot and harassed to play that day

The lawn mower rustled in his rich rouge hat

This time crept no cunning cat, well fancy that!

No rooftop roars, nor garden growls

My garden that day felt like an amazing Arden

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