Thursday, October 27, 2022

Unflappable Flags at our Majesty’s Funeral

A bunting of flags billow above us trimmed in blue.

Below, march mourners for their dead Majesty.

While some folks belabour with the press over her bad news, 

and some folks flap in fear of their future, royal free,

those blue flags still act unflappable to all issues. 

We triumph at her topple-down her pedestal,

after all, her Majesty never paid her dues.

We taunt her mourners fiercely at the funeral.

As their faces tear up like melted glue,

our faces flush feeling so free, frisky and full.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Flight of Seim's Songbird

I muse moraines and misty glens,

as Brenda, the songbird of Seim.

I brew rosebay tea, out by the rocks.

I sip tea and sing with all my friends.


I mused many drafts this morning,

for I'm a poet who presses on.

I always ink all my instincts,

But now it's evening, and I’m yawning.


I lie on my Rya, breathe in the breeze,

up I rise, to sun bright Scandi skies.

Sol's soft carriage whisks me away,

we race past birds and swaying trees.

Her fire and strength I so admire.

When she started as a wee spark,

she shot away from hot Muspelheim,

the hellish realm of fear and fire.

I feel so awed, and just revere,

how Sol vanquishes Skoll the wolf.

From all his snarls, and bloodstained claws,

Sol swoops away and disappears.

I savour Sol’s cold, spicy mead.

It soothes my throat and warms my heart.

We 'wade through' 'heaven's' rainbow bridge,

Me, goddess Sol and her swift steeds.


These Scandi skies, those rainbow glows,

I bask in all of this in bliss.

I hope my soul stays warm and whole,

I hope my onward journey grows.


Sol sinks down, and I release.

I rest beneath 'a tall, green tree'.

'Showered with its shining loam',

my spirit sings with so much peace.

I respire and rise, in a daze.

Oh, how rosebays sparkle in this air!

My, how they whoosh and whirl with the winds!

I yearn to stay in this rosebay haze.


Their rich, rosy hues enrich my life.

Their fruity flavours rouse my mind.

My rapture ripens like Rosebay tea.

Oh how their depths devour my strife!


I let go, and land on Olav Peak.

As I wade in these warm waters,

my dread now drifts away, like dewdrops,

but if I leave, I will once more feel bleak.


I strive to sail past seas galore,

and soar beyond more fir tree fronds.

Frolic further through frosty fjords,

just dally, and dream on some more.

Hello everyone. Thank you for reading this poem, inspired by Norse culture and mythology. I hope you all enjoyed it. I conceived it during a long car ride home. 

When inhaling, I imagined skyward scenes such as birds and flying chariots, treetops, rainbows, eider birds and whirling rosebay petals, volcanic steam. When exhaling, I imagined grounded scenes such as rosebay flowers, rocks, rya rugs, ash trees, loam, and stormy seas.


To clarify, the ‘Songbird of Seim’ is not actually a bird in this poem. The songbird actually refers to a fictional lady poet called Brenda, who lives in Seim. She likes to write poems, brew rich fruity rosebay tea, and catch up with friends in the village. One day, Brenda felt worn out, so she sat on her and starts breathing. As she breathes, she imagines these Nordic gods and places.


My first reference to Norse Mythology shines through Sol, who is the Nordic Sun Goddess, born in Muspelheim. She rides a golden chariot in the sky, like Lord Surya, the Hindu male sun god. In the original Norse mythology, Skoll the wolf devoured poor Sol. However, Brenda worships Sol so much, that she fancies that Sol always defeats Skoll in her dreams.


Read more about Sol (Norse sun goddess) here:  

My second reference to Norse mythology glows through the ‘heaven’s’ glowing rainbow bridge Brenda and Sol ‘wades through’. Its original title is Bifrost, a bridge that transports gods from Earth to Asgard (realm of the Gods, such as Thor). 


My poem’s line 15 referred to Poem Edda’s two lines below:

Line 8: Shall Thor each day ‘wade through’ – Thor crosses this shimmering bridge every day in the original poem. In my poem, Brenda holds her breath, and crosses it with Sol.


Line 10: For 'heaven's bridge' burns all in flame – This tragedy happened one day, when many gods crossed the bridge in the original poem. However, in my poem's quatrain 8, Brenda dreamt that the rainbow bridge remained whole, and she lands safely near a tall tree.


Read more about bilfrost (rainbow bridge) here:


My third reference to Norse mythology shines through a 'tall tree, showered with shining loam’ near where Sol drops an exhaling Brenda from her chariot. Its original title is Yggdrasil, a sacred, ash tree growing in the middle of Earth, bridging the Nine Worlds, like Muspelheim, and Asgard.


My poem’s line 22-23 referred to Poem Edda’s lines 3-4 describing below:

‘a tall tree, showered with shining loam’.


Read more about Ygdrassil (sacred ash tree) here:

Under the sacred ash, Brenda respires, rises, and floats in a Rosebay haze. She then exhales, and bathes in Olav Peak. She longs to dream on for life. 

If you arrived at this sentence, thank you so much for reading everything. Right now, Asgard rings in deafening applaud, for your showmanship, strength, and sacrifice. May the Norse Gods bestow their boons upon you.

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