Saturday, February 25, 2023

Lady of Twillight weds her Duke of Daylight

I slouch on the bed, feeling bored and blue,

I had enough of this rubbish room.

If I did not suffer this hunger and flu,

I’d rush out of here right now.


Someone, please see my trembles and tears!

Please just let me leap out of here!


At once, I spot an indigo ringed cyan spot.

At last, something new popped up.

I squint to work out, what is this blot,

could they be paint blobs, text, or photo pixels?


Seriously, what are you showing me silly smidge?

Just fire me some facts or share me an image!


Are you whispering weird words?

Or calling me crude names in morse code?

Could they be buzzy flies, or cheesy bluebirds?

Or could it be a smea:::rrrrrrrr……, h-h-huuuh!…


At once, I shudder, and my breath goes halt

As my body blasts off to some vast black vault…..


I sigh, as I eye the Lady of Twilight.

Her midnight mane billows and flows so gracefully,

her face glows opaline, like lambent starlight,

her deep blue dress sweeps away my stress.


Suspended in a symphony of shooting stars,

I’d hate to return to roads blaring with diesel cars.


She ties a pearly veil behind her silver tiara,

and winds a cyan sash round her slender waist.

She blooms far fresher than earth’s every flower,

could this spellbinding blue-blood be a blushing bride?


This comely lady glides to the carmine globe of fire.

The Duke of Daylight awaits: her object of desire.


"oh gor-gor-geou..s go-de-de-desss", this bashful duke stutters

"your beau-beautyyy bewitches m-m-my min::::nd"

he stumbles and blushes,

"and I’m proud to call you mine sweet prince " the lady beams


as she swishes her gown and swirls around

I pray to stay here and never crash down…


Phew…, I pinwheel up to her heavenly pinnacle,

Calid carmines cool down to Cimmerian.

Oh, how those stars still twinkle, and my palms still tingle!

Thank goodness I did not yet crash!


We swing on the lady’s crystal chain,

feeling free from those piping hot flames.


"I don’t miss my burnished sun’s sunders and sears,

These gelid gusts sooth the cruel sun’s bruises".

"Your warm words brighten my night dear

now let's admire those crystal comets" 


we whoop at a cyan rocket bursting away from

stormy skies

we weep at white hot webs shocking a squid, as it

cries…. Ouch, ouch, owwwww, brrrrrrr….. Thud!


I wipe my moony eyes and thud back to bed.

I spy a peacock feather flicked with blue drops.

Though my blues have yellowed, and my flu has fled,

I miss the true-blue lovers and that vast black vault.


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