Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Corona Cares and Concerns - Poem

I feel Pain, not for me but for society, I cannot recall ever feeling this before,

until hearing about recollections so raw.

I did not feel this bruised when I heard the news,

I cannot precedent if it will last or if it is just a phase.

Will I ever escape this emotional maze?

I did not realise it was hurting peoples’ homes, health, work and wellbeing,

and all this time I was not listening nor seeing.

I felt so interested in my own issues which seem less salient now.

I can no longer be this self-interested and spoilt cow.

I cannot minimise this misery and push aside this pain,

as even if I do not worry, everyone’s suffering will remain.

They will still suffer because of this wretched Virus.

From this week, I learnt that maybe I should listen more and judge less.

At least at this point in time, I would be joyful if everyone is hail and healthy,

whatever they are doing and whether they are poor or wealthy.

Hence, I wish even clubs would open for other people’s profit not mine.

even if I have different interests from others, I realised that it is fine.

Even though I am not fond of boat bacchanals, orgies and flings,

I now recognise what raves bring that people are desperately missing:

Energy, elation and exhilaration!

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