Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Maddie's Meet Cute with Batman - Narrative Poem

In Gotham lives a Batman fan.


She’s the loudest in her clan.


Maddie Granger was her name.


Her fangirl cries fan batman’s fame.


She gushes at his great glowers.


He sure needs no superpowers.


while others fought when they were ought,


he was not bred of that sort.


The strengths he sown are all his own,


A selfless strong man he had grown.


A sharp mind is his only shield


What other weapon must he wield?


He built a belt with his own wealth


used to lasso, whip, sling, or stealth.


She marvels at his marbled face,


burning hotter than her flat’s furnace.


She desires his simmering fire,


It could enflame an entire empire.


Despite being forced to study and snore


She favours frolics beyond her door


When her whimsies swell too wide


She runs outside for ripping rides


sometimes she goes overboard


last night she got fiercely floored


She cartwheeled down Gotham past mum’s curfew


after slurping mum’s sickly stew


flapping her arms like carefree fishes


she did this to deter drying the dishes.


Suddenly, she lost her bounce,


after jarring joker’s pounce.


Before she tumbled down to dunes


Save me batman she sorely swooned


I beg you blast that wretched brute


Geared up in his garish suit


as Batman slayed this seedy prey,


she shoved aside some strands gone stray.


Her fairest face must manifest,


for this man who beats the rest.


Maddie cheered for her Caped Crusader:


oh batman you outdo Darth Vader


You make my heart rock and roll


And open doors to my soul


Batman nodded then off he ran,


Her dating dreams now just began.


First it was his dashing gaze,


that got her in a giddy daze.


Now it was his gallantry,


that revved her rosy reverie.


Now she never felt more sure,


her love was deeper than before.


They could dine, and date and dance,


if he would give her a chance.


She hoped that on one fine morn,


when roses bloom or doves are born,


that Batman clasps her tender hand,


and slides a silver wedding band.


Once they make their wedding vows,


her fantasies will never douse;


Cause she'll have a hot husband,


whose love for her will never end.


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Ode to Owl City's Fireflies

I bid farewell to acrid August,

when my peers’ rude words drove me to tears.

I wished the earth would stop its turning,

I came right here to forget my fears.

I stretched my legs in Starlight Square,                          

beneath the famous figgy tree.

Often, the cold sags my soul,

now I’m free and full of glee.


Fireflies flashed before my eyes,

when I raised my dark-haired face.

If I crave some stunning shapes,

I came to the ideal place.


Tonight, 'ten thousand' light the night,

about to throw a show to remember.

My beams are bursting at my seams,

as so much came for September.


Some flies feel too shy to shine.

Some cool their heat and dull their flames.

They may melt into a mushy mess.

Oh, their deaths are such a shame!


They salsa, shimmy, and 'sock hop'.

They jete and jive in flocks of five.

Just like a jar of lemonade,

they make me feel more alive.


They glow a lovely lemon yellow;

light (up) the stage like buttercups.

Galloping like giddy goats,

unstrapped from their scratchy stirrups.


They flutter upwards, flushing fuchsia.

They curve into a cute sweetheart

I widely smiled at their grace and guile,

encouraged to create new art.


They soothe me with a smooth sea green,

and hop across the heady haze.

Flapping fins like gleeful guppies,

Casting hope for brighter days.


They then ignite an icy blue.

Freewheeling without a fuss.

Sparkling like fresh snowflakes,

their fancy flights bring me a buzz.


They careen into an ocean crest,

sucking in the concrete square.

They then swoop into a silver loop,

bestow a crown on my dark hair.


Once they wrapped around my head,

these bright bugs formed a sort of swarm.

I loved the bugs one thousand hugs,

they felt so welcoming and warm.


Although tomorrow will be busy,

How could I feel alarmed and stressed?

Cause with these friendly fireflies,

I just feel so calm and blessed.


The moon beamed down at me,

the poet in the parking lot.

Poised and pretty like a Queen,

in a right now private honey pot.


They healed my heart and helped me hope

As for next term, I could cope

Hello Everyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading this poem. I conceived it when I was lounging in the park bench, one summers evening. I set this poem in Starlight square, Cambridge, America, which was originally a parking lot. Recently, it was converted into a poets' stage and a marketplace. I chose Starlight Square, as I liked the magical, alliterative name, and it empowers poets to 'throw shows' and 'shine':

I also remembered feeling so enchanted by Owl City's Fireflies song, released in 2010. As a result, I sprinkled in some references from the song:

See if you can spot the references. If you find any, please tell us in the comments section. Lastly, please feel free to share your thoughts on this poem, as I'm always curious to learn, and inclined to improve my writing. Thank you again for reading my poem, and may all your days be bright and blissful.

From Rithika Nadipalli.

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