Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Pumpkin Soup - Tyburn Poem





I'll smash my pumpkin to soft smooth gloop.

Salty cheese will balance my sweet soup. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sunrise - Description

My magical moment was about to begin. Lovely lilac light and radiant rose-gold shades started to stain the gentle blue sky. 

The sun ascended in slow motion, emitting rays of brilliance and beauty to all of us. My camera could not capture this bright white sun, speeding down to Mother Earth in eight minutes. My photograph morphed into a mega pixelated, and minging mess. Unfortunately, it was not a fine tribute to the magnificent sunrise I witnessed today. 

On reflection, a poignant poem may have befitted this event more nicely than my puny photograph. Oh well. At least mother earth will bless me with other stunning sunrises to admire.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Your Mind by Ishita Nadipalli

One’s mind is like a void,

With thoughts both beautiful and dangerous

Like powers once deployed,

You can do anything you crave to plus

All dreams will feel so real,

How phenomenal are illusions?

The freedom you can feel,

Imagination in a fusion

But the greatest place of all,

Is where you’re known and loved

Where someone helps you when you fall,

This home you hold beloved

There will never be a match,

To dear and classic reality

It’s a rare find it’s a catch,

But of course that’s your speciality

Imagine ‘til you tire,

There’s only one place you’ll desire

Daydream hours away,

But there’s one place that will stay

Think and think without a wink,

Inside your heart it’s scrawled in ink

The only place you’ll truly need,

Is the true world.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

My Glossy Green Cycle Cruise - Poem


I revved up my glossy green motor,

ready to run my usual rota.

I sped along in delirium and delight.

My jumpsuit felt lovely and light.

I felt I could gallop from dusk to dawn,

as unbridled as a Unicorn,

without my heavy clothes and school’s safety rules,

that wear me down like whizzing whirlpools.

The air rippled my jumpsuit and ruffled my hair.

Still, I rallied on without a worry or care.

I whooped and whistled as loudly as a lark.

This flight beats last year’s trudge round Central Park!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Aspects of Autumn - Haiku

Leaves float in the wind

As rich as an orange rind

Cleansing for one's mind

Pounding down to the ground.

Squirrels spot a lone leaf mound,                              

they scurry near without a sound.


They scrape mounds till dawn

And before they yearn and yawn

Oh my, an acorn!


They wave their tails in joy.

A fine feast follows oh, oh boy!

thanks to their great ploy.

Tonight's Evening Sky - Description

Tonight's evening sky is not a unified shade of blue. It is multihued, with a myriad of periwinkle and pale grey, with some albescent st...