Sunday, November 29, 2020

Lights and Leaves - Description

One night, I walked down the street bathed in lamplight. Fallen leaves lined the edge of the path. They were dry as dust, brown as bread crust or red as rust. I felt the rush to crush them across the granite pavement. 


Around a corner, I found a construction wall. It had embedded red lights to signal incoming danger. They comforted me as if I was baby Jesus in a manger. Lined up like a soldier queue, they lit my way through the streets as I skipped through. 


Nearing home, I saw a pathway which I crossed many times before. This time, ice blue lights shone along the path. They promised me adventures with magic, mischief and mayhem. If I was not strolling homewards, I would have deeply explored it.


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

My Super Sister - Poem

I was going to call this poem my sister’s 13th birthday,

but that would be unfair, because she deserves this praise everyday.

She is my super awesome sister!

I always feel super proud of her!

I often admire and appreciate,

the wonderful crafts she creates.

Her amazing artworks infuse me with rapture.

No machine can emulate what her skilled hands can craft and capture.

She works really hard every year.

No wonder her academic ability is crystal clear.

I am sure she will diligently drive forward,

on her way to the prestigious University of Oxford.

She always looks stylish, even when she wears grey.

She smashes the night like batman and seizes the day like Rey.

She is as spirited as a sizzling sambar!

She is as splendid as a shining star!

I feel excited, ebullient and enthused,

to witness what great things she will have produced.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Doors - Poem

As a city girl, I saw too many doors before.

I felt unsure, if I could look anymore.

On one fine evening, I looked around,

I gasped at the diverse doors I found.


Many door windows displayed playful patterns.

Their stained glass glittered like diya lamps and lanterns.

Some were stained with orange and olive-green glass.

Or was the green more like emerald grass?


One door was painted like a mango sorbet.

It lightened up my gloomy grey day.

The sorbet tasted light, fresh and sweet,

with hints of happy saffron heat.

Another door window wore a blue and red tulip,

which clipped me with its powerful grip.

The tulip stung me like Spiderman’s web shooter,

I thought the mango door was cuter.


One white door seemed sober and stiff,

with his well-groomed moustache and quiff.

I hope he flips his frown and sips a brandy,

then he will feel as dandy as a butterscotch candy.


I almost ignored a navy-blue door.

But before I could dismiss it as a blah and a bore,

I chuckled at an out of place smiley face, painted red.

My smile felt like icing spread across bland bread.


I will now deviate from doors to a gate.

Who knew gates could also look so great?

This black gate held an exquisite circlet of gold.

I wonder what other manmade marvels will unfold.


Along with birds, flowers and nature,

I must learn to praise architecture.

Then my poems can help me appreciate

why my Urban World is so great.

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