Sunday, December 4, 2022

Toy Story Toon: Love Letter to the Lost Toys

Dear every lost toy living in Earth.

Whether you feel bended, broken or blue,

that none of these kids will ever love you.

Reading my letter may help you feel better.


I once had an owner called Fiona.

Everything was bright when she loved me,

but everything became better when she left me.

I am loving Liberty, my new best friend.


I lost my name tag and voice-box bridging me to her,

but lost pieces don’t measure our price.

Us lost toys are not small, servile mice,

see my heart still lights with laughter and love.


Thanks to my vanished voice-box,



but my own voice tastes spicier than sickly sweet sayings.


Oh lost toy friends, out among the stars,

don’t you dare say your dreams ended too soon.

I would prefer to sail my silver ship way beyond the moon,

but in kids’ cramped cabins, we cannot go sailing no more.


Our dreams would vanish like snowflakes in the setting of the sun,

for instance Buzz Lightyear bemoans about Bonnie’s bedroom bars.

This space ranger dreams of soaring out among the stars,

or meeting his buddy Woody in his travelling fair.


Why have some kid's room when we can have all this?, questions Bo.

Way out here, bratty kids’ whines won’t break our ears.

No sleepy times, snot, or slobbery tears,

we can enjoy endless playtime and parties.

While owned toys are stuffed in boxes at night,

we can dance below warm streetlights on rocky roads,

for we are never bound to one boring abode,

where we freeze when someone nears us.


Sure nature may fluff us up, but we’ll live.

Sure we could get more chipped by its elements,

but we’re tougher than toys cocooned by cement.

We can mend each other’s broken parts.

Some trapped toys must feel some strange things,

Some lay on preschool floors, trodden and ignored.

Some cry and cough in day-care’s dusty cupboards.

Others like Wheezy end up alone on the shelf.


Come on lost toys!, Let us challenge the trapped toys’ catcalls.

We do not need to serve kid owners unlike the masses.

Let us big each other up to become brave bad-asses,

we can zoom to infinity and beyond their fixed head-spaces.


We’ll sing to our lost toy pals, you got a friend in me,

whenever they weep for their nice warm bed,

whenever they crack in the road rough ahead,

and they gonna see them troubles through.


Safe from chews and coddles from a toddler's cot,

we can embark on awesome new adventures; find hidden treasures.

We can awe at flashing fireworks, and roaring blue rivers,

we can savour pleasures kids' toy slaves can only crave. 

Oh I know, my own heart glows,

whenever I see unique UFOS fly by,

or resplendent rainbows arc in the sky,

but kid's smeary windows subdue their hues.


We Canada crash glass with the legendary lost toy, Daredevil Duke.

Let us race through rough rubber tires in those lovely late hours

We will marvel at magical meteor showers,

and celebrate each other’s wins with clapping comets.


We can balance on sandboxes’ rims like gymnasts;

ride round the spokes of a spinning tandem.

We’ll never rerun the same old tracks, but they’ll be random.

We need not bawl when our bike riders skinned their knee.


We can bounce with blue Bunny atop light up booths.

We can dance with yellow Ducky under dazzling rainbows.

My heart glows, hugging these funny furry fellows.

Friendly fauna love always beats fickle human love.


For those toys who preach service over self,

we do not just sit around, numb as gnomes.

Why my buds Woody and Bo help some find new homes.

Which ignorant toy said all lost toys are selfish?


Queen Neptuna supports, and surges meal toys’ self-worth.

Giggles saves, and straightens toys breaks and bends.

My heart lights the path for lost toys nightly wends,

my light soothes kids and toys terrified of the dark.


Great authorities should derive from the consent of governed playthings.

We toys should not be peoples’ passive pets for the sake of fashion.

Our hearts should burn bright with purpose and passion,

that’s what my good friend, Barbie preached to me.


Plus, any daycare or home toy passing by, please listen:

your so-called ‘citadels of protection’, are just prisons.

I hope you escape them and embrace the open airs,

and join me, and my friends by our travelling fair.

From Lucy, the Lost Light Up Doll (missing Fiona name tag, voice box but heart still glows with life, love and laughter) 💖

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