Thursday, October 15, 2020

Your Mind - Poem written by my younger sister

One’s mind is like a void,

With thoughts both beautiful and dangerous

Like powers once deployed,

You can do anything you crave to plus

All dreams will feel so real,

How phenomenal are illusions?

The freedom you can feel,

Imagination in a fusion

But the greatest place of all,

Is where you’re known and loved

Where someone helps you when you fall,

This home you hold beloved

There will never be a match,

To dear and classic reality

It’s a rare find it’s a catch,

But of course that’s your speciality

Imagine ‘til you tire,

There’s only one place you’ll desire

Daydream hours away,

But there’s one place that will stay

Think and think without a wink,

Inside your heart it’s scrawled in ink

The only place you’ll truly need,

Is the true world.

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