Thursday, September 3, 2020

A Sunny Afternoon on my Garden Veranda - Poem

I heard the bumble bees buzzing and the breeze blowing

As I relaxed outside on the veranda

I felt uplifted by the lovely lawn mowing

And the sun-bright sky suppressing sedative melatonin from my pineal gland

My sensory receptors turned natural senses into neural signals

Elevating my alertness, helping me understand

How to sit and savour the sunshine, ignoring electronic signals

I did not stress about the Corona Virus hitting my sinus

Or whether the stern sunlight will bring me sunburn

Or even about what subject is left to learn

I lazily lay and watched the flowers sway

I felt too hot and harassed to play that day

The lawn mower rustled in his rich rouge hat

This time crept no cunning cat, well fancy that!

No rooftop roars, nor garden growls

My garden that day felt like an amazing Arden


  1. Very descriptive. A relaxing day in the garden can make one very observant and closer to nature. Very enjoyable.


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