Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Macabre Murder of George Floyd - Villanelle

This murder happened on 25th of May

When four policemen throttled poor George Floyd

This blue summer’s day suddenly clouded grey


I do not want those men trapped in a cell

I want their hearts humbled and their heads bowed low

To serve Floyd’s family till most is well


The victims’ necessities might well be fed

Once the policemen heal their hurt feelings

They may even stop smashing innocent heads


I saw stories fill paper sheets and screens

Though Floyd's family may rather seek silence

Media salaciously spill the beans (as usual)


I learnt that society is a contract

Which is only as weighty as our ways

We must all preach AND act to preserve our pact


If police want their integrities intact

They should adhere to our pact and contract

To truly ignite inspiring impact

I will try to act NOT with terror but tact

In case anyone is wondering, it was Trevor Noah's video on the Minneapolis Protests which inspired some of this poem's lines. Below is the video link:


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