Thursday, September 24, 2020

Midnight Garden - Description

The air was silent. The magnificent midnight sky was scattered with silver stars, shining like diamonds. This formal garden is clothed in voluptuous, verdant, and voluminous vegetation. Towering trees and bountiful bushes were adorned with juicy, jewel-like fruits and fresh, fragrant flowers. There was a grand marble fountain, situated in the centre of the garden. Any creature could marvel for hours at the austere majesty of the night here. Near the corner was a lagoon, which looked luminous in the silvery moonlight. Speckled frogs were leaping on its jade green lily pads and pearl white lotus flowers.


  1. Excellent poem, really enjoyed reading it

  2. Felt as though I was there at midnight in the garden. Very descriptive. I love the alliteration. Keep on writing.


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